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Comprehensive list of the best CBSE schools in Pune and Delhi

The Indian Government established the Central Board of Secondary Education with the aim of providing high-quality education to students in schools. As the leading educational board in India, it ensures that students receive a world-class education. With numerous CBSE schools throughout the country, selecting the most suitable one for their children can be challenging for parents. To assist parents in making an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best CBSE schools in Pune.

Top five Best CBSE Schools in Pune

Parents who want to give the best for their children can browse through the list of the best CBSE schools in Pune. All these schools render high-quality education at an affordable cost.

Located in Pune, the BEG Centre Kendriya Vidyalaya is a renowned senior secondary school affiliated with CBSE. It promotes English as its medium of instruction and is highly regarded among the best CBSE schools in Pune. The school prides itself on having committed and enthusiastic teachers who devote themselves to both academic excellence and extracurricular pursuits for its students.

Located in NIBM, Pune, VIBGYOR High is a renowned senior secondary school associated with the CBSE, CISCE, and CIE boards. Offering education from playgroup to class 12, it follows a co-educational system. It stands out as an exceptional institution that emphasizes both academics and extracurricular pursuits for students.

Kendriya Vidyalaya No 2 AFS, Pune, is a co-educational English medium school that is affiliated with the CBSE board and offers classes from grade 1 to grade 12. As a government school under the management of the Defense, it demonstrates outstanding academic performance while also providing students with opportunities to engage in various co-curricular activities.

Located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, The Lexicon International School offers classes from first to tenth grade. As one of the best CBSE schools in Pune, it prides itself on being an English medium school. Managed by the Kamal Sharma Educational Trust, this private institution is a prominent member of the Lexicon Educational Group.

Chandan Nagar, Pune’s Air Force School, is a senior secondary institution that follows the CBSE curriculum. It is a co-educational establishment that offers classes from LKG to 12th grade. Affiliated with the Air Force Schools, this institution operates under the guiding principle of ‘vidya dadati vinayam.’

How do you choose the best CBSE school in Pune?

People often refer to Pune to be the Oxford of the East for the quality of education the city renders. It has some of the best educational institutions in the country that offer a holistic approach to education. Some important criteria to check before taking admission to the best CBSE schools in Pune are as follows. 

  • Accreditation and affiliation of the school
  • Location of the school
  • School infrastructure and its physical facilities
  • Curricular and Extracurricular activities in the school
  • Quality of the faculty members
  • Safety and security practices in the school
  • Cost

The top CBSE schools in Delhi

Similar to Pune, Delhi also boasts excellent CBSE schools that provide high-quality international education for kids. These educational institutions don’t just concentrate on academic achievements but emphasize overall growth in children. They make efforts to instill life skills, ethical values, and leadership qualities in students. Along with this, the top CBSE schools in Delhi have sports facilities and art rooms to encourage children’s exploration of their talents beyond regular classrooms.


Which is the best way to find the top school in Pune?

Nothing beats first-hand experiences. The best way to find the top school in a city is to connect with parents and children who attend the school already. Pune has numerous residential communities and societies that can offer valuable insights into school education.

Bottom Line:

It is mandatory to choose the best CBSE schools in Pune as school education decides the future of the child. Choosing the right school for your child is a decision that will shape their academic success and future career prospects. It is important to select one of the best CBSE schools in Pune that nurtures the holistic development of children – both academically and non-academically. A good school should enable students not only to become well-rounded individuals capable of taking on meaningful challenges but also to become responsible citizens who can contribute towards nation-building.


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