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How to Buy Health Insurance for a Newborn Baby?

Life’s most cherished moments often come wrapped in the form of a newborn baby. This moment is one of the joyful chapters in one’s life. Having a child in the family raises a vital question that often takes centre stage: which childrens health insurance to get for the newest family member?

This article will cover key points of newborn baby healthcare insurance, uncovering its significance and benefits. It will also walk you through the key features and highlights the process of getting this mediclaim insurance.

What is Newborn Baby Healthcare Insurance?

Newborn Baby healthcare insurance has been meticulously crafted to address the healthcare requirements of both mothers and their recently born infants. These specialised plans extend comprehensive financial security to newborns by encompassing their pre and postnatal medical necessities connected to hospitalisation and other associated expenditures such as contemporary daycare procedures and ambulance fees.

What are the Features of Newborn Baby Healthcare Insurance?

Here are the features of childbirth health insurance:

1. Hospitalisation Coverage

Maternity healthcare insurance policies extend coverage for pregnancy-related pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, as detailed in the policy document.

2. Cashless Facility

Leading insurance companies’ maternity healthcare insurance plans provide the convenience of a cashless facility at authorised hospitals across India.

3. No-Claim Bonus

Childbirth health insurance plans come with a no-claim bonus, rewarding policyholders with benefits for claimless years.

What are the Benefits of Newborn Baby Healthcare Insurance?

The benefits of newborn healthcare insurance are as follows:

1. Generous Sum Insured

This insurance offers a substantial sum insured amounting to Rs. 1 crore. This sum insured amount holds immense value and will help the well-being and for his future endeavours of the newborn child.

2. Annual Health Check-ups

One can enjoy the advantage of annual health check-ups, facilitating monitoring of the newborn’s well-being.

3. Coverage for Alternative Medicine

The newborn baby gets access to alternative medical practices like Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy, and more per the policy’s terms and conditions.

How to Buy Newborn Baby Healthcare Insurance?

Purchasing newborn baby healthcare insurance involves a thoughtful and systematic approach to ensure the well-being of your precious little one. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy newborn healthcare insurance:

Step 1: Determine the Coverage Recipients

When purchasing a health policy, the initial step involves selecting the beneficiaries. 

Step 2: Opt for the Suitable Coverage Type

When purchasing newborn baby healthcare insurance, it’s essential to understand the primary categories of health plans available. Look for plans which offer broader coverage.

Step 3: Determine the Coverage Amount

Selecting the appropriate coverage amount is a pivotal decision. While present health conditions are crucial, it’s imperative to consider future healthcare needs. Moreover, one must consider the family health history should be weighed for potential illnesses. This will help in identifying the right coverage amount.

Step 4: Select a Plan

There are a variety of plans. Basic health plans handle essential medical costs like pre and post-hospitalisation expenses and ambulance fees. They might involve co-pay or room-related limits. Comprehensive health plans go beyond basics and can include extras like critical illness or accidental coverage.

Step 5: Navigate Policy Nuances

A thorough grasp of important policy terms is essential for making informed decisions. Important aspects include checking if the preferred hospitals are part of the insurer’s network for cashless treatment. It’s also beneficial to look into no-claim bonuses that some insurers provide, which increase the coverage amount during policy renewal.

Step 6: Acquire the Policy

Completing the policy purchase involves providing accurate details required for issuance. Precise information such as birthdates, medical history, and member details must be honestly shared. Engaging an impartial advisor authorised by the IRDA can provide valuable guidance and ensure a seamless claim settlement process.


Childrens health insurance is thus a well-crafted plan that offers comprehensive coverage. The plan addresses the unique needs of both mothers and their newborns. Moreover, before buying a plan, you must conduct thorough research to identify the right plan. One must also cover the plan to ensure they get maximum coverage at the least premium possible.

For the best child health insurance, explore the comprehensive coverage offered by Niva Bupa best health insurance policy. They offer varied plans so that one can choose the right one based on their financial and medical requirements. 



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