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How to Get Featured in a Magazine: A Photographer’s Guide

For photographers specializing in fashion, seeing their work grace the pages of a magazine is a dream come true. While this journey isn’t easy and may involve multiple rejections, the effort you put in will eventually pay off. Along this path, you’ll learn from your mistakes, enhance your skills, and test your creativity like never before. Here are valuable tips to help you pave the way for your work to be featured in a fashion magazine.

The Dream of Every Fashion Photographer

Almost every fashion photographer shares a common dream—to have their work featured in prestigious fashion magazines. Those of us dedicated to this realm of photography often find inspiration in these magazines, yearning for the day when our own images are showcased within their pages. This article reveals the keys to achieving that dream and getting your name published.

Starting with Women’s Magazines

Women’s magazines provide an excellent entry point for photographers looking to break into the world of fashion magazine publishing. You can select magazines that align with your preferences and submit your work to them. Additionally, studying these magazines can inspire ideas for creating editorials that match their style and capture attention.

Understanding the Distinction

It’s essential to differentiate between women’s magazines and established fashion magazines. Women’s magazines typically accept submissions where photographers pay for their images to be published. This payment ensures high-quality images, as photographers invest in their presence. In contrast, renowned fashion magazines, already established in the market, secure their profits through widespread distribution in both digital and print formats.

Advantages of Women’s Magazine Publications

  1. Quality: To get selected by women’s magazines, your work must meet their high-quality standards, helping you improve your skills.
  2. Learning Experience: Submitting to women’s magazines allows you to gain experience in fashion production, including wardrobe, styling, planning, and post-production.
  3. Team Building: You can also collaborate with professionals to delegate various tasks and form a working team.


  1. No Payment: Women’s magazines usually don’t pay for your work.
  2. Production Costs: All production expenses fall on your shoulders.
  3. Limited Reach: These magazines cater to a different audience than potential clients, limiting your exposure.

Demystifying Common Myths

Before diving into the specifics, let’s dispel some common myths about getting published in fashion magazines:

  1. Myth: Pay for Selection (Unlike Women’s Magazines)
  2. Myth: Only Major Brands Are of Interest
  3. Myth: Nobody Reads Articles in Fashion Magazines

Steps to Get Your Fashion Editorial Published

In the competitive world of fashion publications, nothing is handed to you; it requires hard work, effort, and perseverance. Don’t expect your favorite magazine to reach out to you unexpectedly. Rejections and silence may greet your initial submissions, so thorough preparation is essential to avoid setbacks. Here are key steps to improve your chances of publishing your first editorial in a fashion magazine:

1. Master the Technical Aspects:

Understand the technical requirements common to all print publications, such as formats, color profiles (CMYK for print, RGB for online), and pixels per inch (at least 300 dpi for print). Ignoring these factors may lead to your submission being dismissed.

2. Define Your Style:

Ensure your images align with the magazine’s style. Study the magazine’s publications, subscribe to newsletters, and stay updated with its latest content to grasp its culture. Recreate styles similar to those published in the magazine.

3. Collaborate with Magazine-Featured Creatives:

Identify makeup artists, stylists, or models who have appeared in your target magazine. Collaborating with these professionals, who have already been published, can enhance your credibility and bring you closer to publication.

4. Identify Decision-Makers:

Discover who is responsible for selecting new talents for the magazine. Connect with them on social media, engage naturally with their posts, and make your name familiar to them before submitting your work.

5. Craft Your Proposal:

Compose a compelling email to capture the editor’s attention from the beginning. Present your work professionally, including high-impact images at the start. Provide details about the session, the creative team, and why your editorial suits the magazine. Leave room for future collaboration even if your current proposal isn’t suitable.


Getting your work published in a fashion magazine is a challenging yet rewarding journey. It requires dedication, patience, and resilience. Your first editorial breakthrough is just the beginning; it paves the way for future opportunities. With persistence and by following these steps, you’ll inch closer to achieving your dream of being featured in a fashion magazine.


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