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How To Get The Best Used Auto Parts

Generally, when the matter of replacing a car part comes up, many people will choose to invest in new ones and understandably so because they want what’s best and optimal for their car. But what if there was an alternative, which cost relatively less and still performed almost identically? Well, used car auto parts are there to make it possible.

Of course, there are concerns when it comes to trusting already used parts, like questions of quality and reliability and how it will affect the car but if you go about it the right way, you can score some of the best deals ever. It could be a kind of life-long beneficial information when you understand how to do it correctly.


As mentioned, credibility is a big factor that makes people hesitate to use second-hand parts but people should know that there is a specialized market for these things that exist and flourish because they are proving themselves time and time again. Used parts aren’t always those discarded or worn-out scraped pieces you fear; the inventory is much higher tier than that. 

But still, there is a way to go about these things. You need to be careful and well-informed before getting into these tempting offers. There are two sides to a coin so, as authentic as some used auto-parts can be, at the same time there are types of parts you should be avoiding.


  • Saves money by a good margin
  • Environment friendly 
  • More readily available
  • Infinite variety


It’s not that difficult to find the best second-hand parts, but it may take a bit of effort. You want to be making sure that your purchase fulfills a set of criteria, like quality and warranty among others, so get the desired value out of it. So keep the consider the following 


It may seem like an obvious thing but make sure you know which exact part to buy. Get the specific make and model of both your car and the part, not only will it make it easier and save your time, you will be spared the chance of making a mistake. You can check your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for the needed details or bring the part itself to where you are making the purchase.


OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. These are the parts manufactured by the original vehicle maker themselves. OEM standards provide the security that the part is compatible and the perfect choice for your car’s model and make and commonly assure warranty as well.

Third-parties can create similar parts but not the exact identical one so there is possibility that it may create compatibility issues with your car so make sure to check for OEM labels on the part you purchase, since most suppliers sell OEM parts anyway like in us auto salvage markets.


Refurbishing works on a slightly different principle but otherwise is the same as second-hand parts. Refurbishing is a treatment to restore and tune-up a part that makes it almost as good as new. Sellers refurbish parts when they find issues or problems with the part. Reputable sellers do so to ensure the quality of their product. 

Refurbished parts cost a little bit more than regular second-hand parts but they’re guaranteed to work well so you can invest in them.


To ensure that you get a quality product you need to buy it from a source that is reputable. More the popularity, more it means that they are trustworthy and known for good services. Shady sites will try to attract customers by offering lower prices so make sure you background check it. Try to check the reviews and feedback whether it be an online store or your usual scrap yard. 

It’s rather easy to find reputable and legitimate sellers due to their good name in the market.


Franchises will cost you more than your average local used part vendor because of their brand. Do not just buy the product for the name because chances are the same experience will be available in a smaller scale shop where you may find better service because of their personalized approach. 


This is a very important purchase requirement for used-part, ask about its history. It will give you an estimation of what the part is capable of and its performance capacity. The seller may not be completely upfront or honest about the answer but be sure to verify the details such as its age, mileage, repairs and modifications made to get an understanding about the health status of the part. It may appear shiny and new but later issues may manifest because of its past modulations. 

If you do not get a definitive answer, then the price is an indicator. If it is lower than the expectation then it could be that it has an unknown history.


Before purchase, inquire about the store policies about refunding or product returns. Many stores do not offer these services or have complicated or lengthy policies. More reasons to not make a mistake while purchasing a part. You can find shops whose policies you are comfortable with because otherwise it may not be practical to deal with them.

A similar policy you need to be aware of is the warranty, if they offer it or not, how long the period is and what all it covers. Find out about all these so you can deal with situations that have a chance of coming up later like compatibility or malfunctioning issues.


Used auto parts are a very advantageous resource when you understand how to go about them. Car maintenance is a tricky affair; you need to be smart about your options and choices because ultimately your vehicle’s optimal condition depends on what’s making it run. The most common choices used choices include suspension parts, wiper blades, steel bumpers, used rear ends, dash kit etc.


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