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How to select the best AC in India with lower power consumption

Do you know that nowadays, the best AC in India with the lowest power consumption can only cool a room? If yes, you will be surprised to know that they can clean the air as well. With the increasing temperatures and slowly changing climate, installing a room air conditioner has become a necessity. In the summer season, you have to keep the AC running for the entire day to escape from the heat. It will result in high power consumption and electricity bills.

But with the help of advanced technological advancements, many reputed AC brands are manufacturing low-power consumption ACs to reduce the huge burden of high electricity bills. The best AC in India with lower power consumption offers numerous advantages like energy efficiency, reduced electricity bills, eco-friendliness, and many more. So, switch to an AC, which will offer efficient cooling along with lower electricity bills.

Top Three Factors to select the best AC in India

Different air conditioners include different ratings, features, and technologies, making it difficult for you to select any one. Thus, we have done the work for you and selected the most vital aspects to look for before buying an AC. 

BTU rating

BTU, or British thermal unit, measures how much energy will be necessary to cool your home. This specific rating will make sure you are buying a cost-efficient and worthy AC with your hard-earned money. You have to measure the room height, area, insulation, and sun exposure to decide this rating. Generally, 20 BTU is the maximum rating for every square foot of space.

Star Rating

BEE awards the star ratings for AC machines and defines which ones are the most efficient. The ACs with 5 stars are the highest energy-efficient machines in the market. It also makes them highly eco-friendly and saves money. 


EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a ratio between input electrical energy in watts and output cooling in the BTUs. We recommend buying a room air conditioner with a high EER rating of 8.5 or above. The machines with higher ratings will reduce the HVAC cost, save energy, decrease the carbon footprint, and improve the cooling effect. However, the best AC in India with the highest EER is 11.2.

Other factors to check for while buying the best AC in India

Apart from the above vital factors, it is also essential to consider the following aspects before purchasing the best AC in India.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology manages the compressor speed to cool down a large room. It thus manages the correct temperature and decreases the electricity bills. ACs with inverter technology also work seamlessly and silently, have a longer lifespan, and offer rapid cooling. 

Customer review and brand reputation


Brand reputation is another aspect to check for. Carrier, Blestar, Lloyd, Daikin, Samsung,Voltas, and LG are some of the most renowned AC brands. Also, check out the customer reviews for each brand and then make up your mind.

Room area

If you use a small AC for a large room, it will have to perform more and thus consume more electricity. Similarly, an AC with a high ton for a small room will also consume unnecessary energy to operate. Thus, always measure the room height, insulation, sun exposure, and area before buying a room air conditioner.



  • Which rating of ISEER is considered the best for ACs?

ISEER ratings are dependent on the star ratings for the air conditioners. However, we recommend those ACs that come with higher star ratings, like 4 or 5. 

Cost of low power consumption ACs

The best AC in India with lower consumption are normally more expensive than the normal ones. However, compare them along with the electricity bills and energy consumption. In that case, it will save you huge money in the long run compared to the machines with high power expenditure. The star rating in an AC decides how much energy it will consume. 


It is always a better idea to select a room air conditioner with the lowest energy consumption. Thus, switching to an energy-efficient AC will save you money and cool down the entire space promptly. Always consider the above factors while selecting the best AC in India and only the best for your home or office. 


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