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Top Android Surveillance Software: The Securekin

Effective surveillance software is now more necessary than ever for parents worried about their kids’ internet safety and companies trying to keep their workplaces secure and productive. Securekin stands out as a top pick for Android surveillance software among the many alternatives offered. In this blog article, we’ll look into Securekin’s capabilities and discuss how companies and parents can legally use it to monitor employees.

Overview of Securekin

A comprehensive and easy-to-use Android surveillance app called Securekin is intended to help parents and employers keep tabs on the actions of their respective children and workers. Securekin gives customers the tools they need to maintain a secure and effective digital environment thanks to its extensive feature set and interoperability with Android devices. Here are some features the app offers equally effective for parents and employers. 

Call log:

Get the Securekin app; you will never have to worry about who is calling your kid anymore. The tool offers a call log feature that reports the incoming and outgoing calls made through the kid’s device. It includes both types of calls made through cellular service or the Internet. The same goes for employers, as all the calls made during working hours can be monitored with the feature. 

Call Recording:

Along with the call log, another useful feature offered by the Securekin monitoring app is the call recording feature. It lets the user listen to any call made through the target device. So, if you observe more stranger calls on the kid’s device, you can use the feature and listen to the call conversation next time. The feature is extremely useful for employers using the call service as a business tool. 

Text Message Tracking:

Text message tracking is another useful feature offered by the Securekin spy app. Users have remote access to incoming and outgoing text messages. Not only that, you can even know about the contacts of the target and people at the receiving end of the texts to make sure kids are not sexting or using foul language in the texts. Employers can use this feature to keep business-related conversations professional among employees and customers. 

Screen Recording:

The Securekin allows the user to record the target screen at any given time to know about the activities. It is one of the most beneficial features offered by the app, as screens are part of daily life. Knowing about all screen activities with timestamped information is best for parents and employers. Securekin even lets the user make surprise real-time visits to the target screen anytime. 

Screen Shots:

Besides screen recording, the app also offers screenshot features. So, if you are busy checking the target screen through records, you can monitor random screenshots containing time and date information.

Location Tracking:

Another amazing feature offered by the top supervenience app is location tracking. It lets the user know about the real-time exact location of the target. Parents can keep track of their kid’s whereabouts and know where to go in an emergency. Employers can easily use this feature to track the employees working outdoors. The app even saves the location history of seven days for the user. So you can track any particular pattern in the movement of the target. 


Apart from location tracking, real-time location users can also control the target movements. Mark safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for the target by using the geo-fencing feature of the app. Any movement towards or away from a restricted or safe zone will be notified to the user immediately. It is the best tool to keep the kids and minor children safe as parents can specify the safe and restricted zones and limit their movements. The same feature can be used to track any suspicious employee as well. 

Web Browsing History:

The Securekin app offers the ability to track the browsing history of the target. The Internet contains all types of distractions, both for kids and employees. The feature can be used to keep an eye on the internet activities of the target. Users can even know about the bookmark folder as well. Stop the kids from being exposed to adult content by watching their browsing history. On the other hand, employers can use this excellent feature to improve employees’ productivity during working hours. 

Keystroke Logging:

The keylogging feature records all the keystrokes applied on the target device. 

The Securekin is undoubtedly the top Android surveillance software available for employers and parents.


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