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Visa Application Tips For First-Time Travellers

Travelling is an exciting and memorable experience in one’s life. But it can become tedious if not planned and managed correctly. First-time travellers are not aware of many things. It is a real game, from organising and collecting documents to making reservations for dummy tickets for Schengen visa to submitting them. To tackle the travelling period and make it less exhausting, prepare everything essential for the visa beforehand. 

As first-time travellers only know a little about the travelling experience. Many of them plan their trip by relying on other people’s experiences. You must understand that every applicant has a different travelling experience which cannot be compared to yours. 

Secondly, all that you hear about travelling is not true. Applicants believe rumours can lead to problems in visa application, so it is preferable to have your research rather than relying on what you listen to. 

Everything You Need To Know About Visa Application

Planning vacations, applying for a visa, packing, and flying are fantastic experiences full of joy. To keep it energetic throughout the trip, you must follow some tips to help you obtain a visa within less time. 

Here are a few tips and guides for first-time travellers which can significantly help them and save time!

Visa Application Tips: All That You Need To Know 

To make your visa application successful and to fly to your dream destination on the planned dates, you must ensure that you have fulfilled all the requirements below. 

When you travel to a country, make the necessary arrangements from that time. These necessary arrangements mean more than just packing clothes, shortlisting tourist points to visit and flying. To experience these, first, you need to meet the visa requirements. 

  • Meeting the visa policy requirements is essential to obtain a visa within less time. If you apply for a visa application with the correct submission of documents, you may receive your visa within less time. But if you miss submitting any document, it may lead to visa rejection or delay.
  • So, the first visa application tip is to gather all the documents. Check for their expiry dates. If they are close to expiry – renew them. Make multiple copies of your documents so that wherever needed, you can submit them.
  • Arrange your documents according to the visa category that you are applying for. Every visa category requires a slight difference in visa documents. If any document requires verification, get it verified by the authorities.
  • Look for the format in which you must submit your documents—the size and format of the documents matter. If you submit your documents in a different size, they can be the reason for your visa holding.
  • Read the visa policy terms and regulations carefully to know how to submit documents and which documents you will need at what time. For instance, you must submit a cover letter while submitting a visa application. For every visa category, cover letter submission is mandatory.
  • So when you prepare your cover letter for visa application, book your dummy documents like dummy hotel booking and dummy flight tickets for Schengen visa, as they must be submitted with the visa application.
  • If you need help booking your round-trip itinerary other visa supporting documents. You can book your visa supporting travel documents online. This is very common when you apply for a Schengen visa, you can use some dummy documents to avoid money loss.

Once you have pilled your documents in order and have organised them, you are set to apply for your visa application. 

Documents Checklist For Schengen Visa

You will need the following documents for a Schengen Visa.

  • A valid passport
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • The visa application form was signed and submitted along with the visa payment.
  • Proof of travel insurance
  • Dummy flight tickets for visa
  • Dummy hotel booking
  • Cover Letter 
  • Proof of sufficient funds and 
  • NOC Letter is required for some visa categories.

Applicants are advised to submit any additional documentation the visa officer requests. Before the visa approval, you will also have to appear for the interview. So prepare for the interview beforehand so that you do not panic.

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Answer all the questions confidently. Before the visa approval, it is the only chance you have to convince the visa officer. 


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