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What Is the Working of a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system may appear similar to traditional telephone service; however, VoIP uses internet technology rather than conventional phone lines for calling purposes – enabled through cloud telephony by providers like 8×8. When dialing numbers through this type of service provider such as VoIP telephony a call forwarding system occurs when dialed.

Sending the packets across your broadband network

Finally, your VoIP service provider converts those data packets back into analog voice signals so that anyone on the other end can hear you clearly.

Your internet connection, whether via mobile network, WiFi or Ethernet cable is at the core of all this activity. Your router and modem serve as intermediary points before calls reach their VoIP provider when using WiFi or hard connections to a physical network; while mobile networks require only 3G/4G/5G/LTE connections.

Call Routing Virtual phone systems provide call routing capabilities that optimize incoming calls. Based on previously established rules, these virtual phone systems queue up incoming calls before routing them directly to an agent – even before an answer comes through!

Different business phone solutions utilize predetermined criteria when assigning calls, taking into account call volume, department requirements, agent availability/expertise/preferred language preferences etc. When assigning calls the system takes all these factors into consideration in evaluating which number should receive them.

Customer support management ensures that the appropriate individual will respond to an incoming customer inquiry. Calls can then be routed directly to a customer service agent who can provide assistance; companies should not overlook this aspect as it increases client involvement and loyalty.

Auto Attendant

Your business relies on having someone on hand who understands where calls should go when they arrive and knows what steps are necessary when calls don’t get returned quickly enough – an attendant that can ensure no potential opportunities slip through the cracks are missed out on!

This feature makes the unit the ultimate digital receptionist! It can amplify a company’s name before providing dialing options – making it your new digital receptionist!

Your company becomes more credible and identifiable with toll-free numbers starting with 800, 888 or 1-800; these easy to remember numbers make getting in contact with you simpler for clients.

Custom vanity numbers such as 1-800-BAKER-SHOP will instantly convey to current and past clients exactly what your company represents.

Dual Identity

Use an automated solution to automatically link a fixed line number with your mobile phone so you can make and receive calls regardless of where your business takes you – whether in the office or out.

Call Recording

Businesses can utilize Call Recording as a service to record customer and employee conversations for use as training or reference material. Recordings may then be managed, stored and shared among staff members for easier communication within an organization.

Reviewing call recordings allows for effective quality control by enabling you to listen in on everything that occurs between representatives and clients, giving a deeper insight into any areas where staff may need strengthening going forward. Reviewing recordings also offers valuable data for planning improvements to make future interactions better for all.

Utilizing IVR Technology, you can create a phone menu to inform callers how they can use self-service to reach a certain division, team, or agent. Vonex automated phone systems offer this functionality which enables callers to reach their respective service agent quickly through step-by-step messages prerecorded in advance.

Small to medium businesses can easily route consumers to the appropriate department or contact person using multi-level interactive voice response, providing more efficient customer support while expanding services for prospective and current customers alike. All incoming calls can be managed efficiently using this IVR feature.

Integrating and Unifying Communications With Phone Systems

Your unified communications strategy can be strengthened using cloud-based VoIP technologies, making integration much simpler with team group messaging, business SMS messaging, video conferencing and other communication tools.


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