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Why Utilize an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner With 3-Flow Technology?

Businesses today must ensure safe working environments for both employees and clients. Potential hazards for both include natural stone products that increase risks of silicosis as well as standard substances like lead, asbestos and carcinogenic paints.

Industrial vacuum cleaners improve client environmental experiences while efficiently and safely extracting debris. When selecting an industrial vacuum, power, filtration, capture and storage must all be considered carefully before making a selection.

Benefits of 3-Flow Technology Vacuum Cleaners

3-flow technology industrial vacuum cleaners have many distinct functions beyond general cleaning needs. Their specialties may include enhanced vacuuming of heavy debris or large quantities of dust; managing large volumes of it; handling unusual or dangerous forms of dirt.

Certain vacuums can quickly remove liquids or slurries, providing facilities with an effective means to improve hygiene, safety, and effectiveness. Many facilities rely on vacuuming rather than sweeping to increase efficiency, safety, and effectiveness.

Switching from manual cleaning to fast mechanical vacuum extraction with industrial vacuum cleaners in your company can bring many advantages for the functionality and productivity of the space, effective garbage collection for disposal, as well as other practical uses of vacuuming.

Three suction motors and one idle motor work together to keep the filter cleaned automatically and cycled, creating what is known as 3-FLOW, an automatic filter cleaning feature on three motor vacuum cleaners. 3-FLOW can be used to collect debris from building projects such as fine dust and shavings from construction work; hand tools may optionally be connected directly. However, this device does not protect against explosions.

Notable Features of Jetwave Industrial Vacuum Cleaner * Comfortable top handle. Reliable design suitable for regular use. * Cable hooks and clips located on poles offer cable management storage space.

Filtration and defense against small particles are provided through three cartridge filters, while for easy top head removal and care cleat adjustment a PowerHook 2-stage robust flexible nylon care cleat is included.

Wheels made of heavy-duty rubber provide easy maneuverability;* Hose that can bear tension and deformation using bend-flex technology can withstand strain without deforming. Plastic heads made stress and UV resistant provide stress resistance. Separate motors feature led on/off switches and three double-stage motors provide high airflow with bypass cooling for added efficiency.

*Two suction motors operate continuously while one motor sits idle. The CYCLONETM side intake has an oversized and tilted design to prevent filter blockage. In addition, ultra-shockproof polycarbonate handles have been installed along with a holding tank.

* Inner barrel sleeve for easy cyclonic movement and filter clogging. Long-Term Cost Savings

Though industrial vacuums may initially cost more, their long-term savings are significant as this equipment can withstand even the harshest environments for extended periods.

Businesses reliant on standard household vacuums to keep their floors clean are aware that over time these smaller vacuums will wear down due to misuse, abuse or neglect, eventually needing replacing at some point – even the lowest possible price can quickly add up!

Ecologically Sound

The best industrial vacuum cleaners provide all of the essential disposal features required to collect any dust, dirt mites or allergens found on surfaces and maintain an allergen-free environment, ultimately leading to enhanced health benefits as well as business expansion.

Industrial Vacuums Can Efficiently Clean Larger Spaces Utilizing industrial vacuums is an efficient and time-saving way to quickly clean large spaces that need regular attention, such as warehouses or parking garages. Their size and efficiency enable them to complete this task more quickly than any other vacuum can, and investing in one will decrease either employee needs for floor maintenance, or reduce overall maintenance timeframe.

Saving Time

A suitable industrial vacuum cleaner makes the laborious task of cleaning easier to complete in less time and effort, drastically decreasing time, effort, and labor spent doing daily chores like this. Their size and features help minimize time spent performing these duties compared with manual efforts or hiring outside help.

Enhance Carpet & Rug Cleaning These machines’ increased power allows them to perform deeper, more thorough carpet and rug cleaning by reaching deeper into its pile and fabric layers for more complete cleaning results and cost savings over time. As carpet or rug lifespan lengthens, so does cost savings become even greater over time.

Making A Decision Should Be Straightforward By working with professionals like those at Jetwave, selecting an industrial vacuum cleaner should be straightforward! Your needs, budget and workplace space size will all be taken into consideration!


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